Burning Chariot of Tzeentch
Blue Threat Cards

Allies: Arch-MilitantAstropathPilgrimRadical Inquisitor Nemesis IconShrouded House NavigatorNemesis IconVoid Master
Armour: Hexagrammic WardSoulstealer Plate Nemesis Icon
Weapons: Conduit Blade ✠ ※ Ecclesiarchy Corseque


Places: Forgotten PortalLibrariumLost Astropathic ChoirHalls of Terra IconReliquary ✠ ※ Xenos Ruins
Strangers: MissionaryPossessed Psyker ✠ ※ Sister HospitallerTech-priest
Tasks: Death World BountyLost Front Bounty


Daemons: Alluring DaemonetteBeast of NurgleBurning Chariot of Tzeentch Halls of Terra IconEpidemius ✠ ※ Flamer of TzeentchGreat Unclean OneHerald of TzeentchHorrors of TzeentchLord of ChangeNurglingsSeeker of SlaaneshWithering Plaguebearer
Heretics: Apostate Preacher ✠ ※ Chaos SpawnFallen InquisitorPlague HereticsPlague Mutants ✠ ※ Tainted Planetary GovernorTech BanditTech-WitchTzeentch Cult Initiate
Traitors: Death Guard Heavy BolterDeath Guard Missile LauncherFabius BileThousand Sons ChosenThousand Sons Sorcerer
Tyranids: CarnifexDeathspitter WarriorExocrine Halls of Terra IconGargoylesGenestealer (X2)Genestealer Broodlord ✠ ※ Hive Crone Halls of Terra IconHive TyrantHormagaunt (X2)Lictor ✠ ※ Ripper Swarm (X2)Scything Talon WarriorSky SlashersTermagant ✠ ※ Trygon ✠ ※ Tyranid PrimeTyrant GuardYmgarl GenestealerZoanthrope


Enemy BeyondLure of ChaosPact of KnowledgePact of PowerShield of Faith ✠ ※ Warp Storm

Blue Threat Card